Medium Duty Pulleys

Customizable and durable

Our Medium Duty Pulleys are manufactured from top quality seam annealed welded steel tubing. Our standard crown is 1/16″ per ft. taper on the diameter 1/8″ maximum. We have taken the most commonly used crown within the industry and modified the degree of taper. The result is proven belt tracking without excessive belt or lacing wear. The endplates and hub assemblies of our pulleys are completely welded so no material can get inside. Pulley diameter may restrict the bore range and/or alter the construction style of standard duty pulleys.

Our medium duty pulleys are available with the following options:

  • Rough top lagging
  • Vulcanized lagging
  • V-grooved
  • Welded shafts
  • Fixed bore hubs with keyway and set screws
  • Internal bearings
  • All styles of split tapered hubs and brushings
  • Dynamic balancing
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